CTS High Pressure Coolant System

High Pressure and Cooling All In One, Bilateral fluid Level control oil temperature, with high pressure pump for high precsion drilling, milling and cutting.

Most high pressure and coolant oil temperature models are individual machines, user might need to have large space to install, or encounter problem to connect different machines; Besides, single function machine is unable to control oil temperature accurately, and will impact quality and yield rate of workpieces.

To combine high pressure and cooling oil temperature both functions, Xtrauto Tech has different variable frequency pumps,with electricity and coolant computing system to develop HPCS series, oil temperature is controlled precisely by machine computing, yield rate and working speed is also increasing.

Usually CNC milling and lathe machines need to have additional cooling machine, but cooling compressor is energy consuming and increase room temperature, it also blocks heat dissipation; HPCS combines high pressure system and self coolant equipment, enables different viscosity of oil to reach setup temperature, and high pressure cutting fluid to remove iron burr, cost can be reduced efficiently and rise cutting accuracy.

  • Reduce heat from refrigeration compressor, temperature control by high efficiency coolant system.
  • CTS fluid level in oil drum can be modified by requirement.
  • Temperature control apply to different viscous oil.
  • Adapted for oil cutting fluid and water soluble cutting fluid.
  • Fluid level balance system in bilateral oil drum.
  • Machine dimension reduction.
  • Double filter Drum (filter density can be modified)


1.Grundfos Frequency Converter System (Global Warranty for Pump)

2.Multiple pressure meories

3.Different water outlet pressure (1,4,8)

4.Designed for customer requirement.

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